How to maintain Your Drains

The major plumbing related problem is clogged drains and you will certainly agree to this. Many among you think that calling a plumber to clean the clogged drains will cause more money and you try self remedies at home to open the drains. Most of the time it works out and some other time you need to call experts to tackle the situation. Toronto plumbing service provides such experts who can be on your speed dial to save you from such situations.

Here you will get to know about cases where you can clear the clogged drains yourself at home without the need of plumbers. For doing it you will need some tools like rubber gloves, adjustable wrench, bucket, screwdriver, cleaning brush, bent coat hanger, chemical drain cleaner and drain auger. In case you drains have slowed down or are completely stopped then you need to careful observe your habits. You may be unknowingly throwing some solid wastes in your drains causing drains to get clogged. You will need to clean the build up of material that has got stuck in the drainage system resulting into the blockage.

First you will need to remove the drain pop-up plug. There may be some hair or other waste material attached to it. In case your drain system doesn’t have any such pop-up drain stopper then you need to call a plumber. After cleaning the plug start water into the sink, in case the water is going down the drain properly then your problem is solved. In case the drain is not removing the water then run hot water into the drains for about five to six minutes. Hot water is good in dissolving the built up soap or other such chemicals that may be the cause behind the blockage. You can pour chemical drain opener and try following the instructions mentioned on the chemical solution. In case the problem is unsolved, you better call your plumber.