How to Buy Bong

It is time to have a little bit of recreational fun, which also means it is time to get a great bong. Bongs enhance the weed smoking experience, making it an event that you can enjoy solo or with a group of friends. But don’t head out and purchase the first bong that you see because you like the price or the design (not that you won’t be able to find a totally awesome bong that is within your budget.) before you buy bong, make sure that you have taken several factors into consideration.

  1. How often will you use the bong? If you are an occasional smoker or a regular smoker, you’ll need a different bong.
  2. Lung capacity is yet another factor to consider. Do not purchase a bong that is too tall for you to clear, or a bong that has lots of perks if you are a newbie or do not have lungs that can handle such massive amounts of smoke.
  3. What kind of features do you want on your bong? Some of the more elaborate bongs definitely make it easy to get fancy as you enjoy your smoke. This may not be something a newbie wants to try, but the advanced song smoker will certainly enjoy all of those extras on the bong.
  4. The material the bong is made of is also a consideration. Glass bongs are the most popularly used type of bong available, but there are ceramic and other types available as well. If you opt for a glass bong, be careful! These fragile instruments can break easily if you do not handle them with care.

When you are ready to buy your bong, make sure that you use the factors listed above to help yourself choose the very best.